G&G.SEINE BROTHER.M.TN230M.HL3040/HL3070/MFC9120/MCF9320/9010(1400)

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  • Brand: G&G SEINE
  • Product Code: 13-SEI-NTPB210M
  • Availability: In Stock


G& G Toner NT-PB210N compatible with Brother TN-230N magenta 1400 PAGES

Product description
G & G Toner NT-PB210M replaces Brother TN-230M Magenta
Quality from G & G Ninestar

This toner cartridge comes from one of the largest toner cartridge manufacturers in the world. The company owns the largest toner chip factory and a huge production area. Registered patent attorneys control whether the design of the cartridges respects the intellectual property of printer manufacturers.
The factory works according to the strict quality management guidelines of the international valid ISO 9001 and according to the environmental protection standards of ISO 14001. Each product has been CE tested.

Transport safe packed

The toner cartridges are packed absolutely safe for transport. On the one hand, the cartridge is protected against vibration with foam parts, on the other hand, the toner cartridge itself is protected with a yellow antistatic film.
Why G & G?
When you buy G & G brand printer cartridges from the world leader in compatible printer cartridges, you get the highest quality at the same price
Ninestar produces according to the ISO9001 quality standard and the ISO14001 environmental standard.
All materials comply with the REACH regulation.
Ninestar with its G & G brand is ROHS certified.
The quality is tested according to the STMC procedure
The Emperor Penguin as a trademark symbol of G & G
The Emperor Penguin as a trademark. The image of the emperor penguin is to fill the brand with the qualities of courage, passion, elegance, environmental friendliness and unity. Ninestar also wants to use the Penguin brand to point out climate change and to encourage its employees and customers to act in an environmentally friendly manner.
product features
Compatible / brand new
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G & G
EAN code: 694937780502

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